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Blue Abyss Completes Ohio Land Purchase

Ohio Aerospace Institute Member and Collaborator Blue Abyss Completes Ohio Land Purchase

Cornwall, UK-based, extreme environment research, development and training company, Blue Abyss has completed the purchase of 12 acres of land in the city of Brook Park, Ohio.


Brook Park, Ohio, USA – January 8, 2024:

Blue Abyss CEO, John Vickers and Brook Park Mayor Edward A. Orcutt have confirmed the Cornwall, UK-based company has completed the purchase of 12 acres of land in the city of Brook Park, Ohio, on which it plans to build a state-of-the-art extreme environment research, development, and training centre, and hotel.

The land is adjacent to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and close to NASA’s Glenn Research Centre, Neil A. Armstrong Test Facility, the Ohio Aerospace Institute, Cleveland’s International Exposition (IX) Centre, and world-class Universities and Hospitals.

The company will proceed to planning application and aims to commence construction in the second half of 2024.

John Vickers, Blue Abyss Chief Executive Officer:
“As we step into 2024, this exciting milestone in our partnership with the State of Ohio and the City of Brook Park signifies a shared commitment towards realizing a visionary Blue Abyss centre. This facility will stand as a beacon of innovation and a cornerstone of regional and national infrastructure, fostering economic growth, and job creation, leaving an enduring legacy for Brook Park, Ohio, and the global community.”

Mayor Edward A. Orcutt, The City of Brook Park:
“Blue Abyss investing in Brook Park for this ground-breaking facility is a clear sign of our unlimited potential and bright future and continues the great legacy of innovation by NASA Glenn and the Ohio Aerospace Institute, both located in Brook Park. We’re eager to collaborate, leveraging their expertise to boost our local economy, generate jobs, and create a lasting legacy for our community and Northeast Ohio.

I extend heartfelt thanks to Blue Abyss for choosing Brook Park as their home. Together, we embark on an exciting journey toward innovation and prosperity. The road to the next generation of Space Exploration runs Through Brook Park”

Cuyahoga County Executive Chris Ronayne:
“We are thrilled to welcome Blue Abyss to Cuyahoga County, marking a significant milestone in economic development. The presence of this global company brings job opportunities for our residents and reinforces our commitment to fostering innovation and growth in key industries. Blue Abyss’ decision to invest in Brook Park underscores Cuyahoga County’s position as a hub for cutting-edge enterprises, and we look forward to the positive impact this partnership will have on the broader region.”

Blue Abyss Facts:

  • The Blue Abyss Centre and hotel will occupy a 12-acre site adjacent to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, close to NASA’s training facilities and world-class universities and hospitals.
  • The facility will house the world’s largest and deepest R&D Pool, measuring 40m by 50m on the surface, with a 16m wide shaft plunging to a depth of 50m. It will hold 42,000 cubic metres of water. That’s enough to fill 17 Olympic-sized swimming pools.
  • The centre will include additional facilities, combined with immersive XR technology to enable unparalleled extreme environment analogue experiences:
    • Human Centrifuge; to enable training and physiology research at high G.
    • Hypobaric and Hyperbaric Chambers; enabling training and research in hypoxic and pressurized environments.
    • Blue Abyss Parabolic Flight 2.0; enabling microgravity research, training and public discovery.


Economic Impact:
The Economic and Fiscal Impact Study of the Blue Abyss Training Centre and Hotel by the Department of Economics, Kent State University, November 1st, 2023, concluded that the Blue Abyss Centre and Hotel will provide substantive economic and fiscal benefits to the local economy as a visitor attraction and will bring high-quality jobs and economic benefits to the local region.

The local economy will benefit quickly from the construction phase and will:
•  Add 1,759 full-time equivalent jobs.
•  Increase resident’s incomes by $135 million.
•  Create a total spending impact of $316 million.

After 5 years, the facility will:
•  Create or support over 3,900
•  Add $277 million to resident’s incomes.
•  Increase county and sub-county tax revenue by $3.5 million.
•  Increase total output by well over $654 million.

After 30 years, the economic impact will have:
•  Created or supported an astounding 21,800
•  Added $1.5 billion addition to resident’s incomes.
•  Increased tax revenue by over $19 million.
•  Increased total output by $3.6 billion.

About Blue Abyss:

“Preparing for the future that we imagine.”

The company envisions a future where humanity safely and routinely travels to, lives and works in the most extreme environments.
It aims to deliver the World’s foremost extreme environment research, development, testing, and training facilities to enable the research and development of space, aerospace, medical and marine technologies and techniques.
The Blue Abyss team includes preeminent experts in the field of human spaceflight and extreme environment exploration.

For further information visit:


About the City of Brook Park

The City of Brook Park is located just 14 minutes from downtown Cleveland and features easy access to I-71 and I-480. Brook Park has a population of c. 19,000 living in the City’s 7.52 square miles.
Brook Park is an excellent business destination due to its superior access to labor, regional amenities, transportation, utilities and telecommunications infrastructure, quality municipal services and competitive tax rates.

For further information call City Hall at 216-433-1300

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