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Surgere Joins OAI Membership

For more than 20 years, Surgere, a Green, Ohio company, has been providing innovative supply chain solutions to help customers solve physical supply chain stressors and answer the most perplexing and important question for any supply chain professional – where’s my stuff? And whether that stuff is a multi-million- dollar part, a specialized tool, or the need to securely follow a chain of custody between a supplier and manufacturer, this Ohio Aerospace Institute member has developed supply chain solutions for some of the world’s largest and most complicated industries.

Surgere provides secure and accurate data visibility that allows supply chain professionals to monitor the complexities and specialized regulations inherent in aerospace. The company’s IoT sensor collection methods and patented software deliver 99.9 percent data accuracy and fidelity. Surgere can further offer authenticity to prove the condition of material supply.

“The aerospace supply chain requires one of the most technical and precise set of qualifications of any manufacturing industry with security and parts verification as big challenges,” says Bill Wappler, CEO and President of Surgere.

The Surgere solution meets those challenges powered by its InteriusTM Software suite. A SaaS offering hosted on the secure Microsoft Azure cloud. Interius includes supply chain specific inventory management and transit methods as well as block chain secure genealogy solutions.

“The number one thing we do is support communication. We have helped clients who were in the situation of having $200 million in aerospace parts stymied in a warehouse due to improper documentation,” Wappler says. “We can prevent that from happening to clients.”

Now, in a near post-COVID environment, aerospace companies need cost savings, efficiencies, and secure solutions to help them rebound and grow. Surgere vows to help be part of that solution.

Common supplier problems, solved through Surgere, include:

  • Part authenticity and regulations
  • Moving and tracking parts and racks from suppliers to OEM manufacturing facilities
  • Expected time and location tracking (JIT)
  • Supply chain disruption risks
  • Sourcing of raw materials
  • Expected quantities
  • Expected quality condition
  • Cost containment
  • Sustainability goals
  • Incomplete and inaccurate data that cannot be shared throughout the system
  • Tracking and moving finished goods during production within facilities
  • Security against fraudulent and counterfeit parts
  • Meeting government regulations in multiple countries


For more information about Surgere, visit them online at:

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