Networking. Collaboration. Partnership. The discovery and connection of complementary interests and expertise. The core value of OAI lies at these crossroads of human interaction.

OAI is thus uniquely positioned to organize and host gatherings which lead research and technology development toward marketable goals. These goals range across the sharing of fundamental ideas, current commercial needs, research directions and potential partnerships.

OAI events are true forums where members and customers discover the resources they need: technological, human and fiscal. OAI events help identify sources for technology uses in the marketplace, and funding opportunities to bring aerospace innovation to commercial fruition.

In addition to providing turnkey collaborative event planning to our members and to the community at-large, OAI sponsors a series of events each year focused in several areas:

  • Major Research and Technology Conferences
  • Emerging Technology Workshops
  • Small Business Network Events

NASA GRC Customers (Only)

Prior to completing your request, please check availability and any special requirements with OAI's Room Reservationist at 440.962.3000.

Event Calendar

OAI sponsors conferences, networking, and other aerospace-related events of interest.

Participants from the university, industry, and government sectors come together at OAI events to share information regarding their research and technology needs and initiatives. New ideas and new directions percolate in an environment of mutual interest. Detailed information on events, conferences, programs, and lectures can be found below:

Event Coordination

With over 15 years’ experience and hundreds of gatherings hosted on- and off-site, OAI offers expertise and unique added services to assure the success of your event. OAI can provide a host of advantages, including:

  • A truly unique venue
  • Unmatched experience in collaborative technical meeting organization and networking
  • Team-building tools to keep collaborative momentum alive and moving forward subsequent to your event
  • Support for partnership and teaming agreements developed during and after your event
Your investment in a single event should provide long-term benefits. OAI offers the networking, team-building and technical experience that unlocks the potential of each gathering.

For further information, please contact OAI at 440.962.3000 or