Upcoming Events

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June 28-29 SAE: Understanding the FAA Aircraft Certification Process Cleveland, OH
July 10 Small Business Manufacturers Outreach Event Toledo, OH
July 9-11 AIAA Propulsion & Energy Conference Cincinnati, OH
July 16-22 JobsOhio / OAI International Trade Mission to Farnborough Air Show Farnborough, UK
July 17-18 Reaching High - Aerospace Business Matchmaker Athens, OH
July 19 Allied Automation “What’s Brewing” Columbus, OH
July 23-27 American Testing Services, Ltd: Liquid Penetrant, Combined Level I & II Training Dayton, OH
July 24-26 NASA Glenn Federal Lab Consortium/Industry Energy Storage Beyond Lithium Ion XI Westlake, OH
August 14-17 Bioscene 2018 Innovation Inspired by Nature Summit Cleveland, OH
August 20 Logistics Conference 2018 Akron, OH
August 20-22 Practical Aeronautics: Introduction to Jet Engines – A Practical Perspective Dayton, OH
August 23 Allied Automation “What’s Brewing” Indianapolis, IN
August 30 O’Neil & Associates Breakfast Briefing: Trends in Aerospace Product Support (details coming) Dayton, OH
August 30-31 SAE: Understanding the FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval Process Cleveland, OH
September 7 Baldwin Wallace University: “Cosmic Train Wrecks: When Galaxies Collide” with Dr. Jillian Scudder Berea, OH
September 18 2nd Annual Meet-The-Members Day (details coming) Cleveland, OH
September 20 Allied Automation “What’s Brewing” Columbus, IN
October 2 Baldwin Wallace University: “How Cosmology Has Challenged the Standard Model” with Dr. Glenn Starkman Berea, OH
November 2 Baldwin Wallace University: “Neutron Stars: A Laboratory for Exotic Matter” with Dr. Veronica Dexheimer Berea, OH
December 4-7 SAE: Aviation Safety Engineer Job Functions Cleveland, OH
January 18 Baldwin Wallace University: “The Chemical Evolution of the Milky Way Galaxy” with Dr. John Laird Berea, OH
February 22 Baldwin Wallace University: “Journey to the Nearest Solar System!” with Jay Reynolds Berea, OH
April 12 Baldwin Wallace University: “Stars and Clusters Ripped from the Galaxies” with Dr. Patrick Durrell Berea, OH

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