Education & Training
OAI's goal in Education and Training is to sustain and build a strong aerospace workforce in Ohio, now and for the future. OAI uses its network of universities, industries, and government laboratories to provide education and training programs designed to develop and sustain critical skills within our customer organizations.
We address needs for ongoing professional development through customized short courses to develop new knowledge in diverse areas. We address the development of Ohio’s future workforce through student internship, scholarship, and fellowship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.
Finally, we offer opportunities for college and university faculty working in a broad array of aerospace-related disciplines to enhance the knowledge of current professionals and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers, via participation in sponsored faculty fellowships, supporting resident research experiences, and sharing knowledge and expertise by presenting lectures and seminars.
Student Opportunities
OAI is committed to developing a strong future workforce for our customers and building strong relationships between the university, industry, and government customers we serve. We approach this through an array of student internship, scholarship, and fellowship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.
Ohio Space Grant Consortium
The Ohio Space Grant Consortium (OSGC) was established in 1989 (along with the original Ohio 12-member universities) by the United States Congress, and is part of the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program known as “Space Grant” administered through the Office of Education at NASA Headquarters. There are 52 consortia, one in each state, the District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Space Grant is a unique national network of colleges and universities working to expand opportunities for Americans to understand and participate in NASA’s aeronautics and space projects by supporting and enhancing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) through scholarships, fellowships, higher education, research infrastructure, pre-college (K-12), and informal education public outreach efforts. The Space Grant national network includes over 1,000 affiliates from universities, colleges, industry, museums, science centers, and state and local agencies.
The OSGC is currently composed of 25 institutions of higher learning (18 universities [including 2 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)] and 7 community colleges), NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC), the Air Force Research Laboratories (AFRL), and various education outreach partners. The OSGC Program Office is located at the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI) in Cleveland, Ohio, and is led by Jed E. Marquart, Ph.D., P.E. who serves as the OSGC Director.

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